Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 12. 10. 2017

Australian drought ends, beef meat price grows

Australian beef meat price has increased for the first time over the last five months thanks to the fact that rains terminated a long period of drought in areas where the most cattle is raised in the country.

Big banana division: supermarket will bite 41 per cents of price, farmer 13

Price of lemons rose by 17 crowns in five years, however, bananas resist excellently to the inflation. They rose in prise by less than one crown. The price is the most influenced by supermarkets – they bite 41 per cents from the banana price. Nevertheless, costs in grower countries like Ecuador, Columbia, and Costa Rica increased by hundreds per cents.

Ministry has tested private marks of chains, pizza for Czech contain analogue instead of cheese, orange soda than apple juice.

Spaghetti under a private mark of the same chain produced for Austrian market from quality durum wheat and for Czech market from an ordinary one; German ketchup with a higher content of tomatoes than Hungarian one, and two orange sodas one of which contain artificial sweeteners and orange juice is substituted by apple one.

Already not only eggs. Toxic fipronil was found also in other foods in Germany

In Germany, besides eggs, a toxic insecticide fipronil was detected also in other foods including baked ones, egg salad or liqueurs. With a reference to German authorities it was written by a newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung on Tuesday.




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